Pocatello Pride  Regulations
Welcome to Pocatello Pride  Celebration! 

Pocatello Pride  is a private event. Please be advised that the event organizer, reserves the right to decline admittance to anyone who violates the reasonable policies established by Pocatello Pride Committee. The following are basic rules and regulations that make for a safe and enjoyable event for all. Everyone participating in or attending the Pocatello Pride Celebration must agree and comply with these Guidelines.

There will be media, photographers, video and other documentation systems on the site and Pocatello Pride cannot be held responsible for the use and re-use of any images taken. Pocatello Pride reserves the right to use any and all images it controls for the future advertising and promotion, with no compensation to any person or artist. By purchasing a ticket to pride you are agreeing to these terms and this will be understood as your media consent/release form. 

Those who cannot afford admission are encouraged to volunteer. 

If you leave the grounds and want to return, you must have your wristband on to re-entry. 

Tickets are available at the gates.   If you plan on going to Charley's Club the night of pride be sure to keep you pride wristband on and you will be able to get into Charley's Club Free. 

Pet Policy

No pets allowed except assistance animals.

Cameras and Video Equipment

Cameras and video recording devices may be used for PERSONAL, NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY. Members of the media and individuals and organizations wishing to document the event must fill out a media application and check in with a designated Pocatello Pride staff member. In addition, recording of the performances of the PROFESSIONAL entertainers at the event is prohibited. When photographing at the event, please ask for the permission of the subject in advance to respect people's wishes regarding having their likeness captured.

Local Laws and State Statutes

Local law enforcement is responsible for enforcing all applicable state laws and local ordinances during Pocatello Pride events. Such statutes and ordinances regulate issues including public decency, smoking in public spaces, alcohol consumption and distribution, controlled substances, public safety and vehicle-related issues. Pocatello Pride  participants and attendees are reminded that public nudity is illegal, and such laws will be enforced by local law enforcement personnel. In addition, participants are not permitted by law to leave the grounds with open containers of alcohol.


Uniformed Security and Safety Monitors will be in attendance and constantly patrolling the grounds. Pocatello Pride staff and volunteers will be identifiable by the official staff or volunteer t-shirts. Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance in the event that a problem should arise.

Prohibited Items

No firearms, coolers, alcohol, food, beverages, glass bottles, or open containers from outside the festival grounds are permitted. Organizers encourage you to support event vendors. You may bring an empty water bottle into the festival grounds. Cold bottled water is for sale at various locations within the event grounds. For attendees’ safety and protection, Pocatello Pride reserves the right to search all bags and people entering the event area. Anyone failing to comply with regulations will be asked to leave.


Many volunteers are needed to produce Pocatello Pride Celebrations. Volunteers must apply in advance online at PocatelloPride.org. Admission is free to volunteers. Those who cannot afford admission are encouraged to volunteer. 

Alcoholic Beverages

As required by Idaho law, you must be 21 years or older to purchase or consume any alcoholic beverage. Age verification for alcohol sales will be conducted with a wristband system. Alcohol purchasers and consumers must wear an appropriate wristband at all times. To ensure that you will be permitted to purchase alcohol, please bring your driver’s license or state ID to the event. In addition to the wristband, consumers of alcohol MUST HAVE ID AT ALL TIMES. Pocatello Pride asks that participants enjoy alcohol responsibly. Alcohol will not be sold to intoxicated individuals.  All of you drinking  alcohol must stay on the grass areas and have a wrist band on at all time.

Please Drink Responsibly

Pocatello Pride reminds and encourages participants to make arrangements for a designated driver. Volunteers and/or safety and security personnel will make arrangements for taxicabs to transport intoxicated individuals as requested. Intoxicated individuals will be asked to leave the event grounds. Pocatello Pride reminds festival attendees to exercise good judgment when consuming alcoholic beverages, and IF YOU DRINK, DON'T DRIVE!

Public Decency

Pocatello Pride respects all individuals' freedom of expression and association, while reminding participants that nudity is illegal. Behavior outside of the bounds of the law is not endorsed by Pocatello Pride. Pocatello Pride encourages all attendees to refrain from public nudity. 

Please bring CASH!

Please remember that many of our vendors are not set up to accept credit cards or checks and may have a cash-only policy. Pocatello Pride encourages attendees to have cash on hand for purchases.

Exhibitors / Vendors

We encourage you to take time to visit the exhibitors participating in the event and to support the businesses and organizations that support your community. Have fun shopping and learning about these wonderful organizations.


Parking is available near the event grounds. The organizers assume no responsibility for theft or damage to vehicles. You are responsible for securing and locking your vehicle while in attendance at the event. 

Food and Beverage

We will have multiple food vendors offering a variety of food and snacks to please individual tastes. Cold bottled water, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages will be available at several locations on the festival grounds.  Please help us keep the grounds clean by dispensing of trash and recyclable items in appropriate containers.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found will be located at the entrance tent. You may also contact Pocatello Pride at  208-251-1661.    pride@allunderoneroof.org

First Aid

Will be available.

ADA Services

Pocatello Pride  will be wheelchair accessible. Pocatello Pride hopes to make our events accessible for all people, regardless of ability. If you have special needs, please contact Pocatello Pride at  208-251-1661    pride@allunderoneroof.org

Bring a Chair, Sun Block Bring a Friend.