Gold Level Sponsorship $1000.00 Donation Premium 
  • Placement in Resource Directory & 
  • Logo-Name listed in 4 AUOR Newsletters 
  • Prominently placement on banner at Pride Event 
  • Acknowledgment from Stage by MC 
  • Logo-name on Pride posters and flyers 
  • Name mention in video and audio PSAs 
  • Logo-name on Pride Website / Facebook page
  • 10’ x 10” space at event.

Sliver Level Sponsorship $750.00 Donation
  • Placement in Resource Directory & 
  • Name listed in 2 AUOR Newsletters 
  • Placement on banner at Pride Event 
  • Acknowledgment from Stage by MC 
  • Logo-name on Pride posters and flyers 
  • Logo-name on Pride Website 
  • 10’ x 10” space at event.

Bronze Level Sponsorship $500.00 Donation 
  • Placement in Resource Directory  
  • Name listed in 1 AUOR Newsletters  
  • Acknowledgment from Stage by MC 
  • Logo-name on Pride posters and flyers 
  • Logo-name on Pride Website  
  • 10’ x 10” space at event. 

Please note  we requiring all sponsors on premises to carry liability insurance.
You may either have your current company issue a certificate naming All Under One Roof LGBT Advocate of Southeastern Idaho as additional insured, or you may participate in our insurance program. Coverage through our program is approximately $65 for the entire festival. An application is available for download on the vendor page of our website.

We appreciate your interest in Pocatello Pride and your support of the efforts of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, All Under One Roof LGBT Advocates of Southeastern Idaho Inc. to engage, empower and enrich the lives of the LGBT community. We welcome your involvement and your commitment to human rights and social justices. 
Sponsorship Applications


Pocatello Pride presents the event for the public, and reserves all rights as producers. Any reproduction, rebroadcast, or commercial use of any portion of the event, in whole, or part, in any form, without permission of Pocatello Pride is strictly prohibited.

Applicant understands the purpose of Pocatello LGBT Pride is to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pride, and agrees to do nothing to defeat this purpose during the term of this license to occupy.

Exhibitors/Vendors shall submit the required booth fees with COMPLETED application. Booth space must be staffed all day and then completely removed at the end of the event.

All business or other activity for which the exhibitor has rented space must be conducted within the designated booth space ONLY. No distribution, canvassing, handing out fliers or vending of any kind may be done outside of the designated rented booth space area.

All items in booth spaces must be furnished by exhibitor/vendor.


Exhibitors/Vendors must post prices legibly in a place visible to the general public at all times.

Electric power will not be provided by Pocatello Pride and is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor/vendor.

PERMITS: You are required to obtain and display all necessary permits/or licenses in order to operate on the grounds. If you are forced to close by any government agency for failure to obtain or display your necessary permits and/or licenses, Pocatello Pride is not liable and will not refund ANY fees.

Insurance: An additional insurance endorsement must be provided to All Under One Roof/Pocatello Pride, Old Town Pocatello, and The City of Pocatello.

CANCELLATION REFUND POLICY: Your booth fee is NON-REFUNDABLE unless cancellation, in writing, is received by Pocatello Pride 30 days prior to the event.

Applicant understands that Pocatello Pride has legal possession and control of The Old Town Pavilion and surrounding grounds pursuant to agreements with Old Town Pocatello and the City of Pocatello. Applicant further understands that any use granted by Pocatello Pride is a license to occupy only, and is not coupled with an interest in the property. Pocatello Pride reserves the right to terminate this license to occupy at any time during the applicant’s use of it, if in Pocatello Pride’s determination:

The applicant creates a nuisance to any other of the licensees or guests; 
The applicant is found to have changed or added to the uses set forth in this application;
The applicant has falsified any of the statements on this application; 
The applicant’s use of space violates any governmental laws or ordinances, or interferes with the orderly and successful conduct of the event.

All Under One Roof LGBT Advocates of S.E. Idaho/Pocatello LGBT Pride thanks you for being a part of Pocatello LGBT Pride. All Proceeds goes to ALL UNDER ONE ROOF LGBT ADVOCATES OF SOUTHEASTER IDAHO

Pocatello LGBT Pride and All Under One Roof needs your help setting up and breaking down on June 23, 2018, please volunteer

Pocatello Pride requests all vendors and food vans to start setting up at 2 PM and be completed by 3 PM, June 23, 2018, at Old Town Pocatello Pavilion, North Union Pacific Ave Pocatello, Idaho. ALL VENDORS HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED A BOOTH AREA, each booth is a 10’ by 10” space, it will be designated with a number. You will need to bring your Shade tent, chairs, tables, tent weights, and something to hold down your display. Yes, we do have the wind in Pocatello. Please check in at AUOR both to get your booth number. Each Vendor will receive TWO TICKET WRISTBANDS FREE, SPONSOR WILL RECEIVE FOUR TICKET WRISTBANDS any other ticket wristbands needed will have to be purchased for $10.00. 

2:00 PM Vendors and food vans set up, must be set up by 3:00 PM

We will have sponsor/vendor passports card, we are asking people to bring to each booth and have it signed by each of you. Then they can enter into two drawings of $50.00 and receive a free All Under One Roof T-Shirt. 
Please e-mail us at
AUOR 1-208-251-1661 
Tom 1-208-406-3526