Pocatello LGBT Pride hosted by All Under One Roof LGBT Advocates of Southeastern Idaho puts on one of the best Gay Pride event in Pocatello. We do our best to keep our event costs down. We pay for security, Bands, sound equipment, staging, lighting, insurance, decorations, tickets, and much more, the reason why pride charges an admission.
All proceeds will go to All Under One Roof LGBT ADVOCATES .

2018 was an outstanding and busy year for All Under One Roof LGBT Advocates of Southeastern Idaho and 2019 looks to be even more busy and outstanding! We continue to work on legislation to reform the HIV Laws here in Idaho and now have a written bill ready for introduction. Our Chairperson Kevin Lish has travels to DC to attend meetings and speak on HIV issues frequently. Our Executive Director is forming a branch of a National Sage Program in Idaho, a program for LGBT Seniors. AUOR is receiving numerous email request for services, advocacy, and support throughout the month. AUOR continues to offer free HIV testing the second Wednesday of each month. Being so busy taking care of all the issues brought to us by the LGBT community AUOR has decided not to sponsor or host Pocatello LGBT Pride in 2019.
We want to take this time, in 2019, to grow and improve our capacity and thank all our past vendors and sponsors for your past support and are looking forward to working with you on Pocatello LGBT Pride in June 2020. We invite you and your organization to be involved in Pocatello LGBT Pride JUNE 20, 2020.
 Please email us at auor@allunderoneroof.org for more information. .