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 Federal nonprofit EIN number: 90-0805959

2019 was an outstanding and busy year for All Under One Roof LGBT Advocates of Southeastern Idaho and 2020 looks to be even more busy and outstanding! We continue to work on legislation to reform the HIV Laws here in Idaho. Our Chairperson Kevin Lish has traveled to DC, CALIF. to attend meetings and speak on HIV issues frequently and now working for national Programs. Our Executive Director is forming a branch of a National Sage Program in Idaho, a program for LGBT Seniors. Working to keep you inform on city, state and federal political issue. AUOR is receiving numerous email request for services, advocacy, and support throughout the months we are helping the community with their personal issues daily. 

  AUOR offers free HIV testing the second Wednesday of each month.

All Under One Roof LGBT Advocate of Southeastern Idaho  is honored all our board members are LGBT People, talking as LGBT people, and advocating for the LGBT Community. 
All Under One Roof LGBTQ Advocates of Southeastern Idaho is here for everyone, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and allies. All Under On Roof LGBTQ Advocates is devoted to emphasizing the voice of the LGBTQ Community, young and old. services are designed to assist all LGBTQ people in our community to develop a true sense of identity in order to inspire confidence in everyone’s uniqueness and help them realize their commonalities with others.

JUNE is national PRIDE MONTH, we invite all of you to participate!   All Under one Roof LGBTQ Advocates of Southeastern Idaho works  every day, to help fight for our Equality.  Pride is more than a month of celebration or party. Pride is 365 days a year you need get involved, fight to keep your EQUALITY!
   We are here, we refuse to be silent, It is time to Stand Up, Stand Up, and Be Heard.   

Any questions regarding future Pocatello LGBT Pride and its events should be directed to
Know your stats Free HIV Testing the second week of each month.